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A good friend posted this on my Facebook wall today, and I wanted to share it here…with a wish for a merry, happy, holy, safe Christmas for all who pass this way, and wishes for safe, happy, healthy passage through … Continue reading

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Post-Christmas Contemplation

What is it that makes a grown woman stand at the window at the end of Christmas Day with tears in her eyes weeping silently up to Heaven…”Daddy, it’s over!” Yes, Christmas Day was such a lovely day that I … Continue reading

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Celebrating Christmas Day

Merry Christmas! I thought I’d leave links to a few of my favourite Christmas hymns for you. I will be praying throughout this Christmas for all those who are lonely, lost, grieving, homeless and/or missing, struggling with health issues and … Continue reading

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Advent Contemplations – Is Peace Possible?

Is it safe to say that the most fervent wish in most (if not all) of our hearts is “world peace”? I know that when my birthday cake sits in front of me and I have to make a wish, … Continue reading

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Advent Contemplations: Treasuring the Old Ones

On a recent visit with my in-laws, my husband’s brother told us a story that really touched my heart. It dated back to his younger days when he was supervising a work project that involved loading railway ties and iron … Continue reading

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Advent Contemplations – We Get The Christmas We Prepare For

I met a priest once. Actually I’ve met lots of priests, some of whom were (RIP Basil) and still are (thank you Louis) much-cherished friends and mentors in my life. But this one has always, from the moment we met, … Continue reading

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Advent Contemplations – Working Through The Rubble of Christmases Past

Today is the first Sunday of Advent. Up until a few years ago, I was so involved in the Church that during the Christmas season, I hardly even saw my own apartment. Ever since I was a young child, I’ve … Continue reading

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