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Road Trip!

So we’re getting ready for our annual trek to northern Québec …I thought I’d invite you to come along! The drive will take about 8-10 hours from Québec City. It will be a long day, but the scenery is spectacular … Continue reading

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Where The Heart Is

I found this quote the other day and it’s been nagging at me ever since. While it’s set on a pretty background and, at first, seems like one of those possible “aha” messages, I’m no longer sure it’s actually true, … Continue reading

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A Forgotten Birthday

It’s early in the morning here. For all the effort I make to create a positive environment for hubby and myself, focusing on gratitude and the blessings in our lives (which are immeasurable!), I have to admit that I’m very … Continue reading

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It’s an Alleluia Day

I’ve been writing quite a bit about words lately, including a few of my all-time faves. But I saved my very favourite word for today…Alleluia…Hallelujah…oh how I love this word. The mere thought of it rolling around in my head … Continue reading

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Not So Comfy Clutter

I’ve spoken in other posts here about how clutter can be comforting, when it speaks light and love or has special memories attached. But I’m realizing now that there’s a limit to just how comforting clutter can be…there’s a fine … Continue reading

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The Wonderful World of Words

I love words. I’ve always loved words. Words and me go way back to my early childhood days of sitting in the rocking chair reading Bible stories with my babysitter and learning how to say “Nebuchadnezzar”. (pronounced “Neb-a-ka-nee-zer” – he’s … Continue reading

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Exquisite Epiphanies

Sometimes our hearts are so profoundly immersed and touched and overwhelmed with emotions and epiphanies that seem too impossible to articulate…writers sit for long hours, days, weeks and years, contemplating their attempt to touch with their conscious minds what’s going … Continue reading

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A Perfectly Vexatious Day

It was a hot, muggy day with a four-hour power outage to contend with. I know, I’m committed to focusing on the positive, and so I decided to continue doing so by focusing on the positively vexatious parts of the … Continue reading

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Take Your Candle…Go Light Your World

This is such a powerful song…I don’t know why, but I really felt led to share it here. I’ve included the lyrics and link to hear it at YouTube. Enjoy! And remember that even the feeblest light still brings light … Continue reading

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How to Survive Eating Out Alone

I was single until I was 38 years old, and lived on my own for about 18 years. While I didn’t eat much back then (I weighed 98 lbs at 38), I still enjoyed the occasional meal out. Back in … Continue reading

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