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Palm Sunday – Holy Week

Dear Jesus, Today is Palm Sunday. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this today. I know that we’ve been together since I was a child and that You know my heart and its ways, even better than I … Continue reading

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Make Yourself At Home

Evening Prayer “Lord, my mind is scattery today. Toxic. I don’t like it and have been trying to ‘think a better thought’ but not getting very far.” I manage to quiet my scattered brain and stay centred in the silence for … Continue reading

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Amazing Grace

Watching TV…over, or is it deep underneath, the rumble and chaos of the show we’re watching… Whispering…“Come. Come and spend some time with Me. “ Exasperated…“I want to. I do…but I’m afraid.” Tenderly…“What are you afraid of, My child?” Still … Continue reading

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It’s About Time

Lately I’ve been pondering about and grappling with Time. Today’s rumination… “I’m wasting Time.” “If you enjoy what you’re doing, it’s not a waste of Time.” “What if what I’m doing isn’t what I want to be doing?” “Why are … Continue reading

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New Meanderings…Golden Treasures in the Quicksand

After many months of contemplating the new direction – or any direction for that matter – of this blog, I’ve decided to simply start writing again. The title of my blog site is “Meanderings, Blogging the Journey” and that’s what … Continue reading

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Fumbling Through Despair…Changing Lanes

[Warning: This is not a travel blog, nor is it upbeat or bubbly or glib. I’ve been stuck in a deep despair over the past week and am fumbling my through it, looking for answers.] This is the third, and I … Continue reading

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Revealing Attractions

Lately, this blog has been about my physical meanderings. Today it’s my mind that has been meandering. And I was so excited about what I found, that I had to come and write about it this morning. I had a … Continue reading

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