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Palm Sunday – Holy Week

Dear Jesus, Today is Palm Sunday. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this today. I know that we’ve been together since I was a child and that You know my heart and its ways, even better than I … Continue reading

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Make Yourself At Home

Evening Prayer “Lord, my mind is scattery today. Toxic. I don’t like it and have been trying to ‘think a better thought’ but not getting very far.” I manage to quiet my scattered brain and stay centred in the silence for … Continue reading

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Amazing Grace

Watching TV…over, or is it deep underneath, the rumble and chaos of the show we’re watching… Whispering…“Come. Come and spend some time with Me. “ Exasperated…“I want to. I do…but I’m afraid.” Tenderly…“What are you afraid of, My child?” Still … Continue reading

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It’s About Time

Lately I’ve been pondering about and grappling with Time. Today’s rumination… “I’m wasting Time.” “If you enjoy what you’re doing, it’s not a waste of Time.” “What if what I’m doing isn’t what I want to be doing?” “Why are … Continue reading

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New Meanderings…Golden Treasures in the Quicksand

After many months of contemplating the new direction – or any direction for that matter – of this blog, I’ve decided to simply start writing again. The title of my blog site is “Meanderings, Blogging the Journey” and that’s what … Continue reading

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Fumbling Through Despair…Changing Lanes

[Warning: This is not a travel blog, nor is it upbeat or bubbly or glib. I’ve been stuck in a deep despair over the past week and am fumbling my through it, looking for answers.] This is the third, and I … Continue reading

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Revealing Attractions

Lately, this blog has been about my physical meanderings. Today it’s my mind that has been meandering. And I was so excited about what I found, that I had to come and write about it this morning. I had a … Continue reading

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A Tribute to All Who “Show Up” to Live Each Day

I originally posted this in my Gratitude Blog, but wanted to share it here too. It’s a tribute to my friend Ruth and countless others in my life and in the world at large who have taught me so much about … Continue reading

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Updates on Toshi

I’ve been remiss in not posting the updates on Toshi’s progress for those of you who are graciously praying for her. (Thank you!!!) So I’m including two updates here…one explaining the entire autologous stem-cell transplant process, and then today’s update … Continue reading

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Urgent Prayer Request for Toshi

Hi all, I’m taking a break from my Cuba meanderings to ask anyone and everyone so inclined to please join in this prayer vigil over the next few days for a dear beloved friend of my brother and sister-in-law. I … Continue reading

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