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Celebrating My Talented Friends – Part 2

In part one, you met some of my talented gifted friends. Let’s continue that celebration by meeting 3 more friends whose talents and accomplishments enrich and brighten my world. I have been incredibly blessed by all of these friends and … Continue reading

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Celebrating My Talented Friends

I love to celebrate the good in life, and I especially love to celebrate those who shine light into my life. I have been incredibly blessed with friends who are wise, gifted, talented and courageous enough to share their gifts … Continue reading

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Autumn Artistry

Continuing with yesterday’s celebration of Autumn’s arrival, here is a wee glimpse of the awesome autumn artistry that’s “out there” being created and carved. Enjoy! Note: Many photos have been removed due to copyright concerns.

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Celebrating Autumn

Fall is my favourite time of year. While every day is special and life is grand no matter what the weather, fall has an ambiance and decor all of its own. The colours, the crispness, the culinary delights all conspire … Continue reading

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Happy Gratitude Day!

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Wrestling With Uselessness

I struggle a great deal with feelings of uselessness. Although my life can get busy with the little day-to-day demands, putterings and routines, there are times when these feelings of uselessness gnaw at the back of my mind, weighing me … Continue reading

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7 Side Effects of Drinking Diet Soda

For some time now, I’ve been wanting to put together a blog about the risks of drinking diet soda. I was first introduced to the side effects of artificial sweeteners by a good friend of mine, Charleen Micheles, who recently … Continue reading

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Morning Routines

I think it’s safe to say that most of us have an established morning routine, maybe more than one…one for workdays and a different one for weekends. When I was working full-time, mornings were my most productive time of day … Continue reading

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Remembering 9/11

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Standing Up To A Bully

I wasn’t planning to write today. But something happened last night. I stood up to a bully. At the moment when my mouth opened, I was having flashbacks of all the stories, pictures and quotes people have shared with me … Continue reading

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