Berlin – Part 3 – Karl’s Strawberry Farmer’s Market

The next day was one of our longest days in Berlin, leaving Paulinenaue mid-morning and returning late that night. We covered a lot of ground, so much so that I’ll have to split the day up into 2 separate blogs.

In today’s post, I’m going to take you to Karl’s Farmer’s Market and Garden Kitchen in Wustermark, a small municipality on the outskirts of Berlin and Potsdam. We had never heard of Karl’s before, and didn’t know what to expect, but what a fun morning we spent exploring this Strawberry-themed supermarket/farmer’s market/small amusement park. There was so much to see and do, that I’m just going to share the pictures and let them do the talking for me. Enjoy!


We had never heard of Karl’s before, and didn’t know what to expect.


Farmers Market and Garden Kitchen


Interesting shopping cart handles…


And one of the biggest pumpkin/squash collections I’d ever seen. I didn’t take pictures of all of the display cases.


I had no idea there were so many different varieties and colours of pumpkins!


Kerstin holding up decorated onions and garlic.


Such a pretty display – onions and garlic all dressed up.


And squashes and gourds galore!


André’s curious…what is it?!


Kerstin explaining to André about the hedgehogs and mice on display


Kerstin REALLY wanted to take this hedgehog home.


The first thing I noticed upon stepping into Karl’s was that the entire upper part of the barn was covered with teapots! Everywhere! There was no way I could capture them on camera…hundreds, thousands of teapots.


More teapots! They cover the upper part of the entire huge barn at Karl’s.


Janine and André at Karl’s


Kerstin at play


André and Kerstin at Karl’s


Ice cream anyone?


This was a neat game…those red hoses were filled with water and you tried to shoot the water into the various holes for a prize. I was surprised that André, a retired firefighter didn’t try it out.


Any guesses what this was? I loved the distinctive signage like this throughout Berlin!


Leaves no room for doubt!


The bathrooms were quite rustic with their corrugated metal doors and flush pulls.


And a mini door leading to a special children’s bathroom where everything (toilet and sink) were child-sized.


So cute.


André’s a kid at heart!


And a special water bowl for dogs.


Interesting fountain!


There was a little petting zoo at Karl’s, though we were not able to pet this little guy (camera shy)


A shy friend at the petting zoo.


And the band plays on.


The barn (and other buildings) are jam-packed with treats. Sausages, cheeses, jams, pickles, teas, soaps, breads…the list goes on!


My favourite was the pumpkin marmalade (which Janine bought for us, along with a jar of strawberry-vanilla jam, to take home to Canada)


Watching this baker making bread in front of our eyes.


Kerstin’s reflection as we watch the bread bakers hard at work

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I love to write. I love to write myself into being right here right now. Writing releases something in me that needs wings, writing opens doors and windows that I often don't even realize are possible, writing helps me breathe out the dusty old, and to breathe in the new and possible. My hope is that maybe writing here in this blog will bring new light into these dusty old hallways and help me to clear out the thinking processes and mindsets that just don't work for me anymore. I seek to breathe new light and life into the nooks and crannies of a soul that has been feeling somewhat lost and frayed because of the last few patches of road I've had to travel.
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4 Responses to Berlin – Part 3 – Karl’s Strawberry Farmer’s Market

  1. This is so interesting. I’m jotting all these cool spots down, so that we can see them too when we go to Berlin. Your hostess really put in a lot of thought as to how to plan your days. It is really the best way to get to know a city. I enjoyed the photos so much! Thank you Sharon!


    • Sharon says:

      I was often thinking of you for exactly that reason, Angelika, making sure I took note of where we were (or at least enough to be able to Google it) so that you would know the locations and have enough pictures to know whether or not you’d enjoy seeing it for yourself. You would love that cafe from yesterday (Ribbeck) and I could imagine you wondering through here too. Our hostess was indeed very generous and thoughtful with the entire trip! There are still at least 4 more complete blogs to go!! We were very fortunate to be with them!!!


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