Trekking to Sept-Îles, Part 5….Heading Home

Usually we use the same route to go back as we did to get to Sept-Îles. But this year we received an invitation to visit Andre’s niece in a small village on the other side (south shore) of the St. Lawrence River. This meant taking the ferry from Godbout to Matane, which is always a very pleasant way to travel when the weather is good. And today the weather was perfect. Sunny and warm enough to sit up on the outside deck for the entire two-hour ride.

So today’s blog is a gallery of pictures of that ferry crossing. We did manage to see three whales, which is the first time for me. But they were too quick for me to get a good picture. I did manage to get one, but since there was no breaching or flapping of fins, I only caught the whale skimming the surface. Still, it was much more exciting being there and seeing them than the photo will depict, lol.

It was such a pleasant way to go that hubby and I are thinking that maybe we’ll do this route more often…drive up to Sept-Iles on the North Shore (La CôteNord ), stopping somewhere lovely like we did this trip and then return via the ferry and the South Shore (La Côte-du-Sud ).

In the meantime here are some pictures of our ferry ride from Godbout to Matane.


One of many waterfalls that we passed on the road between Sept-Îles and Godbout on Quebec's Côte-Nord

One of many waterfalls that we passed on the road between Sept-Îles and Godbout on Quebec’s Côte-Nord


Another view of that same waterfall (between Sept-Îles and Godbout on Quebec’s Côte-Nord)


Now we’re in Godbout. After enjoying yet another amazing crab guédille at the restaurant across the street from the ferry terminal, we’re waiting for the ferry to arrive. Won’t be long now…those boats move fast!


Taking a moment out to take some pictures of us…André at the ferry terminal in Godbout


Sharon at the ferry terminal in Godbout


The ferry’s getting closer to Godbout


Closer (in Godout)


The ferry’s almost docked…see the front hull is already starting to open. (in Godbout)


Almost ready to disembark so we can embark (in Godbout)


And we’re ready…lots of cars and trucks (and campers) waiting to get on that ferry in Godbout. We have reservations and are fourth in line (though many of those big trucks will get in ahead of us).


I’m not allowed to drive in with André so am taking the pedestrian bridge to get on board. (at Godbout)


Even though we were fourth in line, I’m still anxiously waiting to make sure our car makes it on board…that’s our car heading inside now. Big sigh of relief, LOL. (in Godbout)

Finally, everyone's on board and we're off...leaving Godbout heading to Matane across the St Lawrence River.

Finally, everyone’s on board and we’re off…leaving Godbout heading to Matane across the St Lawrence River.


Okay, I love finding crosses in unexpected places…this looks quite isolated and hard to reach. Somehow that makes my heart sing. Though I do realize that it could just be a power pole. Doesn’t matter, my heart still sings. 🙂


Ta da! Admiral, there be whales here! (sorry, couldn’t resist…quote from Star Trek IV); there were actually three whales there, but I only managed to capture this one little glimpse, despite dozens of attempts. It was very exciting, my first whale sighting!


Having fun with the camera…and each other.  André on the ferry from Godbout to Matane.


My turn! On the ferry from Godbout to Matane


Land ahoy! We’re looking at Matane now, on the South Shore of the St Lawrence River. Can you see the wind turbines? There are hundreds of these dotting the landscape throughout this entire area.


You know we’re getting close to shore when we spot other sea-faring travelers alongside the boat.


The signal sounds to tell everyone to get back to their cars. I wasn’t allowed to drive in with André but am allowed to drive out. Let’s see if I can even get into the car!


Nope! I ate too much in Sept-Îles! (but it was so worth it!) So I had to crawl in through the driver’s side. You can get an idea of just how packed in all these trucks and cars are!


Ah! We’re here! On the South Shore, heading from Matane to Rimouski. I love this part of the drive…we’re just feet away from the edge of the St Lawrence River here!


Beautiful clouds! And you can see some more wind turbines here. They’re everywhere we look…we love how “green” this area is!!


We’re in Rimouski now having a bite to eat. This pedestrian/bicycle boardwalk runs all along the St Lawrence River for over 3KM (approx 2 miles).


In the next segment, we’ll head to Le Bic, a beautiful little village just down the road from Rimouski. In the meantime here are some links to explore if you want more information.







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4 Responses to Trekking to Sept-Îles, Part 5….Heading Home

  1. Great views. And I love your commentary, too. 🙂


  2. angelika says:

    Ta Daaaa! Great shots!!!! What a fantastic day and trip. The colors are vivid, and it always fun to see you and your hubby.


    • Sharon says:

      Thanks Angelika! It’s fun to relive the journey. I’m glad the photos turned out well and that there were enough interesting ones to create a blog series. One more segment tomorrow. Then we’ll have to wait for our trip to Europe in the fall for the next travel series. 🙂


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