Trekking to Sept-Îles, Part 4

Viateur 2014

Viateur 2014

This is Viateur. Viateur is 91 years old and married to Aline, my husband’s niece. Viateur is an artist, writer, canoeist, fisherman and an avid gardener.

If you drive down Viateur’s street, you will have no problem knowing which house is his because his entire front yard is covered in flowers, flowers of every colour and size. Viateur’s garden is planted in such a way that there are always flowers blooming from early Spring right through until the first snowfall. His house is a popular place to walk, jog, bicycle and drive by.

Viateur and Aline’s house is one of our favourite places to visit when we go to Sept-Îles. The conversations are lively and interesting, the family stories are more poignant with each passing year yet we all yearn to hear them again, the food is usually fresh from both the sea and Viateur’s garden and/or greenhouse, and there is a profound spirituality radiating from this man that I won’t be able to put into words. It’s just there. Although my French isn’t strong enough to be able to follow all of the conversations, I just love being in the same room as Viateur. My soul enjoys the nourishing spiritual ambiance as much as my tummy enjoys the gourmet meals!

So I thought I would dedicate this blog post to Viateur’s garden. I took many pictures this year just so I could have enough for today’s blog. I don’t know the names of all of the flowers, and my camera doesn’t do justice to the beauty of his gardens, but I offer it as is anyway, and hope you enjoy Viateur’s Garden as much as we – and all who pass by his house – do.

Visiting Viateur's garden in Sept-Îles, Quebec

A view from the street of Viateur’s garden in Sept-Îles, Quebec


Viateur’s garden in Sept-Îles, Quebec


Viateur’s garden in Sept-Îles, Quebec


IMG_2208 Lunch with Viateur and Aline (Andre’s niece) in Sept-Îles, Quebec


Andre and Viateur in Viateur’s garden in Sept-Îles, Quebec


Beautiful flowers in Viateur’s garden in Sept-Îles, Quebec



I have no idea what this one is, but it’s very striking, and tall…taller than me! Viateur’s garden in Sept-Îles, Quebec


Some of the flowers are species I’ve never seen before…Viateur’s garden in Sept-Îles, Quebec


Viateur’s garden in Sept-Îles, Quebec


Viateur’s backyard…a lovely oasis! in Sept-Îles, Quebec


Viateur on the right and his greenhouse which grows all sorts of delicious veggies! There are strawberries, raspberries and other assorted fruit plants scattered throughout the gardens as well. It’s a feast for the eyes AND a feast for the tummy too! Viateur’s garden in Sept-Îles, Quebec


Beauty everywhere in Viateur’s garden in Sept-Îles, Quebec


We have these same red flowers in our own garden, but they’re all of about 6 inches tall…these ones are about 4-5 FEET tall! They clearly love living in Viateur’s garden in Sept-Îles, Quebec

I could sit in this garden for hours...Viateur's garden in Sept-Îles, Quebec

I could sit in this garden for hours…Viateur’s garden in Sept-Îles, Quebec



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About Sharon

I love to write. I love to write myself into being right here right now. Writing releases something in me that needs wings, writing opens doors and windows that I often don't even realize are possible, writing helps me breathe out the dusty old, and to breathe in the new and possible. My hope is that maybe writing here in this blog will bring new light into these dusty old hallways and help me to clear out the thinking processes and mindsets that just don't work for me anymore. I seek to breathe new light and life into the nooks and crannies of a soul that has been feeling somewhat lost and frayed because of the last few patches of road I've had to travel.
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6 Responses to Trekking to Sept-Îles, Part 4

  1. angelika says:

    This goes to show that gardening keeps you fit and healthy. Good for him, and yes, the garden is a delight. I love the close-up on the Malvins..those big pink blooms, one of my favourtie flowers, because they bloom all summer till late fall.


    • Sharon says:

      Oh Angelika, I’m so glad you mentioned the name! Viateur told us the name in French and neither one of us could remember it. We’re planning to plant some in our side garden, but couldn’t remember the name. Malvins! Thank you!!


  2. Wow, what a garden! It is beautiful.


    • Sharon says:

      It’s such a joy to visit every year. And with all those perennials, you’d think it would stay the same, but it’s not, it’s always different everytime we visit.


  3. angelika says:

    Gardening is wonderful, as long as the back and knees hold out.


    • Sharon says:

      Indeed! My knees were very bad for a few years and I couldn’t do much gardening or anything involving bending. Now they’re much better, but my problem now is a high sensitivity to the sun these days. I can’t stay out very long, and the garden that needs the most tending is in the hot sun all day. Even with a hat it’s too hot for me out there. I guess I’ll have to start enjoying gardening in the rain (yuck on all the worms then, lol)


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