Mi Pequeño Rincón de Cuba – Just Pictures

I thought it would be fun to show a few more pictures of some of our meanderings in our little corner of Cuba. Enjoy!


The old cars came out for the annual Festival in February…this is a private taxi for Cubans only…tourists are supposed to use only the government-approved taxis.


Another vintage car. The people in the background are setting up for the big Festival in February…the streets are closed and the entire area is alive with music and dancing – and vintage cars of every size, make and colour!


It was good to see so many of these cars on the road this year…another sign of progress in the simple fact that people had money in their pockets to pay for gas.


Bicycle taxis were all the rage there this year. The owner didn’t think my 72-year-old hubby could drive one, but Andre proved him wrong.


We watched this guy for our entire 2-month stay at the resort; he was training to be able to hold his breath underwater…by the time we left at the end of March, he was up to 6 minutes and 44 seconds! He often put this huge fin on his feet and was amazing to watch as he flew from one end of the pool to the other in mere seconds.


One of my favourite trees on the hotel property.


These were young dancers performing for the children from the surrounding villages and the four main hotels.


The birds in Cuba are hungry too! The staff at the snack bar wisely put a plate of old French fries out on the side counter for the birds to pick at…otherwise the very brazen birds would be picking the fries off of customer’s plates!


A view down the road in the nearby village, looking toward one of the bigger salt ponds that dot the entire area.


These two public phones are new this year, and probably the only phones in the entire village. Up until this year, it was very difficult to find a phone out in our remote village. Although more Cubans own cell phones now than ever before, not too many in our village can afford the monthly rates. So these phones made calling for a taxi much easier this year!!


A weird fruit, called a “chirimoya”…it was our first time seeing and tasting one. It was pretty good once we got past the strange texture. I’ll leave a link to more info below.


For me, flowers are always a sign of hope…especially when they grow in places where we never saw such beautiful flowers before. This was one of my favourites, growing in the back yard of my beloved Abuellah.

Link to more info on the Chirimoya

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About Sharon

I love to write. I love to write myself into being right here right now. Writing releases something in me that needs wings, writing opens doors and windows that I often don't even realize are possible, writing helps me breathe out the dusty old, and to breathe in the new and possible. My hope is that maybe writing here in this blog will bring new light into these dusty old hallways and help me to clear out the thinking processes and mindsets that just don't work for me anymore. I seek to breathe new light and life into the nooks and crannies of a soul that has been feeling somewhat lost and frayed because of the last few patches of road I've had to travel.
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6 Responses to Mi Pequeño Rincón de Cuba – Just Pictures

  1. Great pictures, Sharon!! Love the old cars.


    • Sharon says:

      Thanks Ruth! During the festival, it was fun watching all these old cars roll by. It’s amazing how they can keep those cars working!! Such ingenuity!!


  2. Angelika says:

    I got to admit; – I thought the fruit cake was a brain. hahaha….Great photos!


    • Sharon says:

      It sort of had the texture of eating a brain too…would take some getting used to, though it tasted good.

      I’m so glad you’re able to comment here again! Thanks again for mentioning the problem.


  3. Sarita says:

    Hey Sharon,

    The village is called Punta de Ganado, and it is where my husband is from! We have a house there and just got back from an extended stay ourselves. Next time you’re down you should come visit our house. Your abuela Sara is our neighbour!! We live behind la casa de Pepe (the coche driver who yells yeeeeeee-haaaaaaaaw) 😉


    • Sharon says:

      Small world indeed! Yes, Punta de Ganado is where our adopted families live and is one of my very favourite places on earth. I don’t know Pepe except to recognize his coche when it races down the road there. We alternate our time between Sara’s house (the bano we helped build this year is in Yeni and Miguel’s house), and Alain and Damisela. Lots of beloved faces and stories there. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and commenting!


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