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Trekking Through China…The Yangtze River…Three Gorges Dam

The transition from Shanghai to our cruise ship in Yichang was the longest day of the trip. We left our hotel in Shanghai very very early (with meager breakfast boxes in hand) to catch the early flight to Wuhan. Then … Continue reading

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Trekking Through China…Shanghai

Up until my visit to China, I had only had two experiences of Shanghai…one from Burl Ives’s song, “Shanghaied” (there’s a handy link at the bottom of this page if you want to listen) which I’d been listening to since … Continue reading

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Trekking Through China…Potty Break

Enquiring minds want to know. I apologize in advance if the subject matter offends anyone, but enough people have asked me about it to make me think there’s enough interest to warrant a wee mention. (But I will respect all … Continue reading

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Trekking Through China…Xi’an…Terra Cotta Warriors

The numbers are staggering. “700,000 forced laborers were sacrificed to construct his [Qin Shi Huang’s] tomb which was begun as soon as he ascended the throne. All workers and childless concubines were interred with him to safeguard its secrets.” (Read … Continue reading

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Trekking Through China…The Forbidden City…Forbidden Feelings

Well, I’ve avoided this one long enough. Some might see me as the proverbial ostrich with its head in the sand, but those who know me at all will know that pain, anyone’s pain, past or present, affects me as … Continue reading

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Trekking Through China…The Great Wall

Our first glimpse of The Great Wall of China appeared out of nowhere. The drive from our hotel in Beijing to the Badaling section of the Great Wall had been very long…passing mile after mile of sky-scraping apartment buildings stretching … Continue reading

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Trekking Through China…Tiananmen Square

We arrived there early in the morning of our first official day of the tour. Our first sighting came as our bus turned the corner into the already-overflowing parking area across the street. A massive expanse of cement bordered by … Continue reading

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Back From China…Early Thoughts

We just flew in from Hong Kong two days ago…or was it three…the combination of jet lag, fatigue and a nasty Chinese cold have all turned my brain into a discombobulated mushy mess…I have no idea when was when or … Continue reading

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