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A Perfectly Vexatious Day

It was a hot, muggy day with a four-hour power outage to contend with. I know, I’m committed to focusing on the positive, and so I decided to continue doing so by focusing on the positively vexatious parts of the … Continue reading

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Take Your Candle…Go Light Your World

This is such a powerful song…I don’t know why, but I really felt led to share it here. I’ve included the lyrics and link to hear it at YouTube. Enjoy! And remember that even the feeblest light still brings light … Continue reading

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How to Survive Eating Out Alone

I was single until I was 38 years old, and lived on my own for about 18 years. While I didn’t eat much back then (I weighed 98 lbs at 38), I still enjoyed the occasional meal out. Back in … Continue reading

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Father’s Day Jottings

I was going to blog about Father’s Day, but it’s still difficult. Too sad. I still miss my Dad so much and when I delve too deeply into those wondrous memories, they just make me cry too much. I cry … Continue reading

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Corners and Changes

Well, my body held up well today. After 3 hours of cleaning our neighbour’s kitchen this morning, it’s not doing as badly as I had feared. With arthritis in the back, hips, knees, toes and hands, all of which were … Continue reading

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More Useful Things to Know

Well, it’s Friday. I’ve been rounding up some more interesting sites to visit on the Internet. Triva, Precarious Places (maybe you’ll enjoy more vicariously here than in person), A beautiful garden (especially useful if you’re housebound for any reason), lots … Continue reading

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Just yesterday I mentioned my hairdresser. Her name is Donka and I first discovered her in 1997 shortly after moving to this city. She worked in a hair salon at the mall, about a 10-minute walk from our home. Donka … Continue reading

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